Peer Reviewed Publications: (Ordered from New to Old)

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Related Preprints: (Ordered from New to Old)

Preprints associated with a published, peer-reviewed manuscript are not listed.

  • Hardigan, M. A., Feldmann, M. J., Pincot, D. D., Famula, R. A., Vachev, M. V., Madera, M. A., Zerbe, P., Mars, K., Peluso, P., Rank, D., Ou, S., Saski, C. A., Acharya, C. B., Cole, G. S., Yocca, A. E., Platts, A. E., Edger, P. P., & Knapp, S. J. (2021). Blueprint for phasing and assembling the genomes of heterozygous polyploids: application to the octoploid genome of strawberry. bioRxiv, 2021.11.03.467115.
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